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2021 The Magician Chardonnay Sous Voile 6 Pack

2021 The Magician Chardonnay Sous Voile 6 Pack

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Tarot Card:
The Magician - the 'master manifestor', stands for new beginnings and opportunities and access to unlimited opportunities. The Magician brings you all the tools, resources and energy you need to achieve your goals - or perhaps you already had them? The seed of potential has been planted and it is time to bring your dreams to fruition. Trust yourself and take action, the time is now. 

Tasting Notes:
Rich and nutty aromas. Crisp and refreshing at first, saline and zesty on the mid palate followed by a savoury, rich, nutty, dry finish. Perfectly balanced. A true Winter white. 

Winemaking Notes:
Biodynamically grown by The Wrekin vineyard in Marlborough. The grapes were hand picked and direct-pressed into a single old barrique for wild fermentation and matured in the same vessel for 3 years without being topped up. During this time in barrel, the wine developed a flor (veil) which protected the wine from oxygen as the water content of the wine continued to evaporate from the barrel. Approximately 60L of wine evaporated from the barrel during the 3 years. This wine is a homage to time spent in Jura, France making wine 'sous voile' (under veil) to produce a rich, nutty and oxidised style of white wine. Certified organic fruit. Unfined. Unfiltered. Vegan. Minimal sulphites added at bottling. Bottled under cork and wax. 

Only 18 cases were produced.

Hand harvested on the 21st March 2021.
Hand bottled on the 20th February 2024.

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