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2023 Queen of Cups Chenin Blanc 3 Pack

2023 Queen of Cups Chenin Blanc 3 Pack

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Tarot Card:
The Queen of Cups rules the emotional realm. She is the woman whose throne is right on the ocean’s edge, and water is typically symbolic of the unconscious and feeling. Her position at the shore indicates that she lies between land and sea, the place where feeling and thought exist. The Queen of Cups acts as a mirror and reflects the depths present in others, so they see themselves in a new light. Most times, the Queen of Cups can also represent the trusted inner voice you have within you. She seems to say that you should take the time to focus on your emotional health before trying to help others. Self-love creates compassion.

Tasting Notes:
Well balanced and easy drinking. Somewhere between an apple crumble and lemon meringue pie… there’s fruit, acid, texture and mouthfeel with a long, lingering finish.  Fermented to dry, it’s both crisp and refreshing as well as textural and rich. There is both acidity to keep the wine lifted and due to it’s extended ageing on gross lee’s and malolactic fermentation; a rounded full finish. 

Winemaking Notes:
Biodynamically grown by The Wrekin vineyard in Marlborough. Handpicked and whole bunch pressed into old cigar barrels for wild fermentation and aged on gross lees for 14 months before racking into stainless steel and bottled. Full malolactic fermentation. Certified organic fruit. Unfined. Unfiltered. Vegan. Minimal sulphites added at bottling. Bottled under cork and wax. 

Only 50 cases produced.  

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